Skin Resurfacing

•  Smoothes Fine Lines/ Wrinkles                •  Fills in Acne Scars

•  Shrinks Enlarged Pores                           •  Smoothes Other Textural Imperfections

•  Improves Stretch Marks

Pixel 2940nm Erbium Laser Resurfacing

What is Skin Resurfacing?

Alma Lasers has created one of the most effective and comfortable Laser Skin Resurfacing techniques around. Fractional lasers are built on the principle that instead of removing the entire top layer of skin (epidermis) to cause complete epidermal re-growth, only a small amount (15-20%) of the skin is affected. This laser has 2 modes, one is for resurfacing fine and moderate lines and ridges and uses a matrix of 9X9 (81 pixels or micro beams) or 7X7 (49 pixels) for deeper lines and ridges. The micro-beams removes a fraction (where the word Fractional originated) of the outer skin. This puts the treated area into a healing response that produces collagen and the untreated area around the laser’s micro-injuries acts as a reservoir to facilitate the healing. As new collagen is created, new skin is produced tightening the skin to even out the area and smooth the surface.

How does Alma’s Skin Pixel compare to other skin resurfacing lasers?

Other Skin Resurfacing lasers are either fully ablative (remove the outer layer completely) as CO2 lasers, to other fractional lasers like the original FRAXEL by Reliant Technologies that is non-ablative and produces results with heat in the micro-channels, or the Sciton ProFractional ablative fractionated laser that actually destroys the skin within each micro-channel completely, to name a few. The main difference many customers have reported is the pain levels and recovery period.  Fully ablative laser treatments can mean several weeks of downtime and much pain but more dramatic results. Fractional lasers are reported to get excellent results without the downtime, intense pain or higher risk of infection. Alma’s Erbium Pixel has been reported by many to be one of the most comfortable yet effective treatments because of its controlled and precise depth of penetration and advanced optics.

Will it hurt afterwards and what are the side effects?

There will be some redness and swelling like a sunburn. The good news is that this usually lasts only for a short time (several minutes to hours). With ice treatments many even go out soon after depending on how deep the treatment was and each individual’s reaction. Most are amazed by how quickly they see the redness and slight swelling go away and are further amazed by the results!

Where are the most common areas treated?

These include the face, neck, specifically along the nasal labial folds (parenthesis), frown lines, outer eye rim for crow’s feet or any where on the body where scars, textural problems or lines reside. Again 3-5 treatments may be needed spaced at 4 weeks apart to see progressive results. Although some people respond in as few as one or two treatments.

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