Laser Acne Progam

Laser Acne Program


This is a treatment program that Alma Lasers has done double-blind studies on and has determined that if this program is followed as specified below, then it will be more effective than taking long term antibiotics to reduce acne.  The program is as follows:


1. The patient will come for 8 visits in total, which consists of 2 visits per week for 4 weeks.


2. A combination of 2 IPL/AFT light treatments will be used in conjunction with each other to address Active and In-Active Acne scarring. Patient will receive 8 Blue Light treatments (which consists of 420 nm IPL/AFT light).  This Blue Light treatment will target and destroy the p-acne bacteria, commonly known as “ACTIVE ACNE”.


3. We will also treat the Acne Scars and Dischromia from previous acne, using another IPL/AFT (which is the 540 nm Green light).  This IPL/AFT light will de-naturalize or dry up the melanin/pigment deposits and oxyhemoglobin/blood deposits from the scars. This Post acne treatment to remove the scarring is delivered on treatment 1, 4 and 7.

table for acne


4. This program also includes Behavioral and Holistic changes to the patient’s regime.  This will be discussed in detail at the first visit.


5. Below is a link of the Study conducted at Alma Lasers in Caesarea, Israel that discusses using light therapy to reduce active and inactive acne scars.


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