Treatments Offered

Skin Rejuvenation

Addresses skin tone, pore size, color—either brown or red pigmentation issues as age spots, sun damage, freckles, broken capillaries, spider veins, rosecea, hyper-pigmentation, dark scars, etc. Uses Advanced Fluorescence Technology (similar to Intense Pulse Light /IPL) to target either melanin (browns) or oxyhemoglobin (blood—reds) and denaturalizes the proteins or coagulates the targeted cells to remove the pigmentation issue. The result is the targeted area is affected but the surrounding skin is kept intact.

Skin Tightening

For people with loose or sagging skin due to weight loss, aging, illness, etc. Alma’s Skin Tightening (ST) treatment  works by using near infra-red technology to heat the skin down to the dermal layer through deep heating that selectively targets collagen, fat and protein but leaves the surrounding skin undamaged.  The heat  goes to the inner layer or dermis and induces the collagen to remodel and form new strong, more elastic and tighter skin.

Skin Resurfacing

This FDA Approved treatment is for anyone that wants a smoother skin surface with little downtime or pain but nearly the same results as the older/more aggressive forms of complete skin resurfacing that took the entire top layer of the skin off (full ablation). If you have wrinkles, uneven texture from acne scarring, surgical scarring,  or just have many lines, ridges and uneven skin, Alma’s Pixel laser will do skin resurfacing virtually pain-free. It works by removing only a very small percentage 15-20% of the skin that creates a matrix (9X9 or 7X7 tiny micro-channels) in a grid formation.  The light/heat that goes through an optical lens and creates these micro-channels, induces a healing response and creates collagen that  tightens skin and removes unevenness as smoothing a raised scar or removing wrinkles even some stretch marks can be reduced.

Virtually Pain-free Hair Reduction

This is the most exciting break through in laser hair Reduction in years. Alma has a patented new technology that uses InMotion TM  movement that gradually heats the hair follicles to the sub-dermal layer and delivers the heat more gradually and combined with the Dualchill TM treatment tip to keep the surface of the skin cool, creating a much more comfortable experience with superior results. The laser is a diode laser and uses the target of melanin in the hair (must be medium to dark brown or black, no blond, red or grey hair can be removed). This is safe for all skin types including tanned skin.

Only the hair in the Active State will be affected by the treatment and once the laser’s heat damages the follicle, bulb and bulge, the hair will be permanently removed after the shedding period when the hair works its way out of the follicle. Hair grows in 3 stages (active growth, transition and dormant). If treatments are spaced every 4 weeks apart, the laser can affect only the Active Growth stage and 4 weeks between treatments will allow the lower stage to move to the next stage, so after 3 visits most of the hair gets into the Active Growth stage and can be removed. Hair can take longer to move between stages so sometimes a 4th or 5th visit is necessary to get the remainder. Also later in life, new hair can emerge in totally new follicles due to changes in hormones, medications, illness or environment and this new hair growth can then be addressed by another treatment if needed.

Tattoo Removal

Alma lasers offers a very effective and traditional method to removing tattoos. The Q-Switch 1064nm and the 532nm ND:Yag laser head provides a very reliable method for breaking apart the ink that is in the dermis (second layer) of the skin. The 1064nm tip will address the dark colors in the tattoo like the blacks, dark blues and dark greens. The 532nm tip will address the lighter colors such as the reds, oranges, and some yellows. Tattoo Removal using a Q-Switch laser is safe and effective and will remove the tattoo in stages. This is why you will need anywhere from 6 to 12 visits depending on the size, colors, type of ink and age of the tattoo. Darker colors will come off easier than lighter ones because the ink attracts the light/heat better than the lighter colors. Lase-Away Hair and Skin Solutions will do test spots to assure the ink that was used is organic and does not release toxins into the body as well, giving you the assurance of a safe treatment.

Acne Program

Alma Laser did double-blind studies comparing the effectiveness of the Blue light combined with the IPL/AFT to address both the Active and In-Active acne scars.  The results found that this 4 week/8 treatment cycle, if followed perfectly will vastly improve the skin quality and acne issues better than taking antibiotics.  The blue light (420nm) specializes in destroying the p-acne bacteria and the green light (540nm) then goes in to denaturalize and remove the dried up melanin and oxyhemoglobin which is the bi-product of the sun damage.  The program is elaborated on in the sections that holds the name “Laser Acne Program.  On this page there will not only be instructions on how follow the program but also there will be descriptions of the program, and what to expect for the treatment schedule.


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