Reviews from Patients

Holly B.
Framingham, MA
***** I highly recommend Eve. She is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain the process. I have had 2 treatments for sun spots and I am so thrilled with the results!
Kristin H.
Framingham, MA
***** Lase-away is a total gem! Eve is fabulous, thorough and very professional. I have used her services for the last year icluding the Laser 360 program, individual IPL, Pixel and skin tightening. My skin has been transformed regarding luster, glow, sun damage including broken blood vessels and freckles. I highly recommend all of services and feel she really “knows her stuff.” You will be thrilled with the results!
Denise A.
Westborough, MA
***** After being a client here for a number of years I decided to finally write a review because I’ve been extremely satisfied with the skin tightening procedures that Eve performs at Lase-away.  I’ve gotten my chin/neck and abdomen treated and noticed results almost immediately after both procedures.
I will admit, when I first started coming here, I was a little worried about going to a cute little place in a strip mall rather than a Dermatologist (M.D.) or plastic surgeon’s office for a treatment.  However, my results are undeniable (in my personal experience) and far cheaper than if you had an actual M.D. doing the actual procedure.  Besides, I know that doctors often only take weekend seminars to learn how to use these power lasers, whereas Eve (the owner/operator) has literally years experience with myriad lasers, treatments, procedures (and I’m not getting paid to say this).
I would say if you have any hesitation about getting a laser treatment here perhaps start small – maybe get a procedure on your body (or a lower intensity treatment) so you will feel comfortable with the facility and Eve’s expertise, manner and style of performing the treatments.  I would recommend this to anyone really – regardless of where you go to get laser treatments.  You need to feel safe and comfortable with the person wielding the laser apparatus before you let them near your precious face & body….don’t just get a coupon/groupon online and go to some random place with twenty-something “laser technician” pointing a laser at your eyes and face (recipe for disaster). Go to a place who has an experienced technician, demonstrable results and even references (upon request). Lase-away has been that place for me.
Nicole W.
Sutton, MA
***** I highly recommend Eve. She is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain the process. I have had 2 treatments for sun spots and I am so thrilled with the results!
I cannot emphasize how pleasant my experience has been with Lase Away Hair and Skin Solutions so far. Eve is extremely friendly and will work with you to answer any questions you may have about laser treatments. Other than the excellent staff, the results that you will see from your laser treatments begin after your first session and are truly life changing. I am so happy I chose Lase Away Hair and Skin for my laser treatments and highly recommend it to anyone who is interested!!

Camryn M.
Marlboro, MA
***** For the last year and a half I have been going to Lase Away. I have always had good experiences while there along with good service. Eve Kravchuck is very knowledgeable about the services that she offers and is able to answer any questions you may have. I was not sure about laser hair removal the first time I went in, but after I have had a few sessions I saw the great results you can get from undergoing this. I have recommended Lase Away to people I know and would suggest it to anyone who is interested in many of the services offered.
Jessica R.
Clinton, MA
***** I have been going to Lase-Away for 1.5 years and have received laser hair removal treatment for multiple areas of my body.  I have seen great success and wonderful results!  The cost is very reasonable, especially when compared to other companies that offer the same services nearby.  The service is great and the staff is always concerned with my progress and my input on how I feel the treatments are going.  Highly recommend!


Leigh W. 
Hudson, MA
**** I’ve been going here for several months and Eve is GREAT!  she knows her stuff!  I have a very unattractive scar under my nose from surgery and within 3 treatments it’s just about gone – I’m very happy!  Veins in my face, GONE!  Don’t just go anywhere for laser go where they are educated!
Sally F. 
Southborough, MA
**** I have been going to Lase-Away for some time for both IPL (removal of age/sun spots) and hair removal for both underarms and bikini.  Even though it takes time, I am very happy with the results from both.  The hair removal is virtually pain free you are in and out of the office in about 25 minutes.  Spots I thought were moles are now gone!  Thank you Eve.
Hanna S.
Westborough, MA
***** I had a very positive experience here. I got laser hair removal on my legs and underarms and it worked wonderfully and was completely painfree. Eve was very nice and the price was very affordable.
Deborah B.
Auburn, MA
*****Eve is so helpful. She did a test to see which procedure will work best on my spider veins. I am going back in two weeks for another procedure. She is so accommodating and works around my busy schedule.
***** I’ve been receiving the Pixel 2940nm Erbium Laser Resurfacing at Lase Away on a very old scar on my leg. The procedure really helped fade my scar. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for resurfacing or IPL treatment.  Eve is extremely personable and knowledgeable.
W. G.
Worcester, MA
***** I have been going to Lase Away for about the last 10 months for tattoo removal.  I have had a great experience and am very happy with the services I have received.  My tattoo is almost gone and I am considering having another removed after this one is totally gone.  I’ve also had the IPL facial laser done a couple times as well.  I’ve had great results from that as well.  Eve is very helpful and knowledgeable and I would recommend her to anyone.
Rob P.
Upton, MA
***** This is a hidden gem for people who have a skin or unwanted hair problem.
I was seen here for hair removal and was pleasantly surprised when Eve , the owner, discovered a questionable area on my skin.  After follow up with a dr, had to have the area removed .  Eve basically saved my health.  I was amazed.   I have had beautiful results with both hair removal and skin improvement.     She has also really helped me with some bad acne scarring.  Next on my list are my relatives who will coming in after seeing  results.   Not only does Laseaway have the most recent technology, but it is also a place where you feel comfortable.
***** I have been receiving treatment here for extensive abnormal hair growth for over a year.   This is the only place I encountered through some very scary medical issues, that I encountered a person who could truly help me get rid of my excessive hair all over the body, and treat my severe acne and age spots following several medical issues.  My skin never looked better and people have been complimenting me that I actually look younger.  I have brought my daughters for hair removal who are young, I have no concerns about safety or bad outcomes.  I also had laser to my face that was painless and achieved optimal success.  Once again, this place helped me feel like a human being again.  For this I will always be grateful.   If you need help managing skin issues…..this is the place for you.  I Am a registered nurse and former model.
Stephanie K.
Ashland, MA
***** I am a breast cancer survivor and found Lase Away to help me with hair that had grown from my reconstruction.  I was devastated to think as a woman I would have hair around my breasts. It was bad enough to have to go through reconstruction, let alone have hair around the areoles.   I got about 6 light pulse treatments and now I have no hair. I feel beautiful again and comfortable in my own body again.
Thank  you Eve at Lase Away!!!
My next goal will be chin hair removal!As a side note, my health insurance would not cover the hair removal as part of my reconstruction, and it would have cost me triple of what I paid at Lase Away! I was able to get treatment at Lase Away because of the great prices! I highly recommend Lase Away!!!
Gina R.
East Cambridge, Boston, MA
**** I have had very good success with Lase-Away.  I’ve been going for tattoo removal for 8 months and recently added hair removal.  I am really happy with my tattoo removal – it’s virtually gone.  The process has been easy and pretty much pain-free.  Eve does a nice job of making sure you are not feeling discomfort.  In my opinion, laser treatments are all about sticking with the process over a period of time to get the results you are looking for.   Lase away prices are also extremely fair.  That combination was what I was looking for.  I had thought about doing this for years and always talked myself out of it.  I’m really glad I found Eve, as she made me comfortable enough when I met her to continue.  Thanks!
Z M.
Millbury, MA
***** I have been going here for 9 months now ….I can’t get enough! The service is great and the results are amazing!
Nicki W.
New Haven, CT
***** My mom went there to get laser treatment and spot treatment and she looks ten years younger! Her skin is very smooth and she has only nice things to say about the owner and treatment specialist Eve.  The place was clean and the service was professional. We are recommending this place to everyone!
Hiroko W.
Hopkinton, MA
***** I would like to share my experience at Lase-Away.  I got IPL treatment for my spots.  As always, she explained me the whole procedure and details. She even went into the very technical explanation, which I could tell my husband who enjoyed to learn about the laser technology.  I had 3 IPL treatments. My friends and co-workers are looking at my skin instead eye-to-eye contact when we speak.  It’s really amazing. They couldn’t believe how my skin got so clean/beautiful/younger/brighter.  I was very happy with the result.  And I’m happy that even my husband noticed too.  Thank you very much, Eve!!  My friends and co-workers are coming to see you.

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